About Us

Giftware Engraved is proudly a part of EnF Engraving Ltd, a family-run business nestled in the scenic surroundings of the Chiltern Hills Nature Reserve. Founded by John Hedges in 2022, our journey began in February 2020 when John, equipped with extensive engraving experience acquired during his tenure at another giftware company from 2015 onwards, decided to embark on his own path.

While we offer a wide array of general engraving services, our specialty lies in engraving logos and themed gifts. Drawing from a rich graphical background, John leverages his artistic skills to draw highly detailed illustrations of various objects, including aircraft, cars, motorcycles, boats, animals, and much more. These drawings are meticulously adapted to be compatible with our Diamond-tipped engraving machines and sandblaster, often resulting in the creation of three distinct versions of each artwork. Being the original creators of these artworks enables us to accommodate unique customer requests, such as incorporating custom decals and patterns.

Our logo work ranges from family crests to substantial corporate orders. In each case, we take the extra step to potentially redraw the logo, ensuring the utmost quality in the final engraving of each piece.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, problem solving and skills to be able to carry out even the most challenging of engraving jobs.  

We are registered with JOSCAR as a reputable giftware supplier to the Aerospace, Defence, and Security industries.