Frequently Asked Questions

About US

Who is Giftware Engraved?

Started by John Hedges in 2019 and formed as part of EnF Engraving Limited in 2022 run by himself and his partner Emma, Giftware engraved is a one stop shop for themed giftware items for a wide range of occasions.

What sets you apart from the many other engravers?

While we offer standard engraving via our Website, its our artworks featured on which really sets us apart from the competition. Drawn by us these images are not available from anyone else and enable us to provide truly bespoke gift items that other engraving outlets simply cannot match.

What Services do you Offer?

We offer themed gift engraving, however we can also do Logo engraving and general engraving via our other website or directly. Pop us an email if you have anything that needs doing.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us using our Contact Us Form

You can email us directly at

You can call us on – 01844 353356 / 07584300408

For letters our Address is-Giftware Engraved
6 Flint Hollow, Chinnor, Oxon, Ox39 4JT

Engraving & Artworks

Can I request a modification to a product?

Yes! We are always happy to discuss and quote on additional modifications to products. In regards to the artworks because all the artworks are drawn in house by us we are able to modify the artworks to whatever specification or changes you require.

I’m looking for a product like what you sell, but not quite the same, could you source a product for me?

We can certainly have a look through our suppliers and see what we can do for you. Please Contact us with the details of your requirements.

How do I know you have understood my engraving requirements?

We will be sending an invoice once your order has been received, the receipt of this invoice indicates we have understood and are happy to proceed with your order. Otherwise we will email or phone you for clarification of your order.

How long does it take for you to engrave and dispatch my item?

Our dispatch time is generally 1- 3 days for most items once the invoice has been paid and understood during non-busy periods and increases to 1-5 days during the Christmas and other holidays. On the product page we show an estimated time to dispatch the item as well a son the Order form shipping section.

What are the Different Types of Engraving and Which do you do?

There are four types of engraving -

Hand Engraving/Carving - This is the most skilful and traditional, each item is different as each has been cut by hand by the engraver using a drill or burnisher. Unfortunately my hand is not steady enough for this!

Diamond Cut -
This uses a computer or manual controlled machine and a diamond tipped cutter to cut or burnish the surface of the item. This is one method we use.

Laser Engraving / Marking - Probably the most popular method of engraving these days, this method uses computer controlled lasers to either cut or mark the item using a thin high intensity laser heat source. There are two main types CO2 and Fibre, Fibre allows metal to be cut and engraved directly, as opposed to CO2 that can only mark Metal, normally with the aid of a Marking spray. We currently don't have a laser engraver but have ambition to get one in the future.

Sand Blasting - Sandblasting uses high pressure air to blast fine abrasive at the item creating a smooth premium looking finish that can't be matched by Diamond cutting. Masks are created using UV Light and washed out with high pressure water before being dried and applied by hand to the item. Much of this process is done by hand and is a more labour intensive, but quicker method than Diamond Cutting for many of our artworks. Great for bulk orders.

We currently use both Diamond Cutting and Sandblasting with a touch of Hand engraving for touchup/finishing.

Orders & Delivery

How do I know my order has gone through?

You will receive an automated email confirming the order has gone through.

I've Made a Mistake on my Order can you change it?

Please Contact Us as soon as possible with your Name and the Item you ordered and we can change it for you. This might not be possible if you have already paid the invoice as it will likely be engraved soon after payment has been received.

Do You deliver outside the UK?

Yes, we offer international shipping to the USA and Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We can deliver to the EU however please contact us first.

Do You offer international express shipping option?

Yes, we offer an express shipping option to most countries. please contact us for a price.

Who will Deliver my Items?

We generally use Royal Mail to deliver most items. For Orders which are particularly large, have a high value or are bulky we will use a courier.

Can I send a Gift Directly to the Recipient?

Yes, please let us know when you order that you don’t want us to include the normal paperwork by saying so in the Special instruction box

Please Note – This does not apply to international shipments as we must include item details for customs and border checks.

My Item Hasn’t arrived what do I do?

Please Contact Us

For most Royal Mail items there is a tracking number available, this isn’t a regular tracking number but will get updated if a delivery has been attempted.

If the delivery has been attempted this tracking will show when it was, its likely your item is at the Post Office or Delivery Office awaiting collection.

If a delivery hasn’t been attempted, then it’s likely your item is still going through the delivery system.

International, Special Delivery and Courier services have tracking numbers available and are normally quite detailed about the locations.

How do I return my Item? / I have received the Wrong Item? /You made a mistake on my Item ?

Please Contact Us first stating your issue and we will see what I can do to resolve.

Please Note – Only Faulty Items can be returned if Personalised.

My Order has Arrived but its broken, Please Help?

Please Contact us and if possible, provide photos of the packaging and item. This helps us work out why the item broke and how to improve our packaging in the future.