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Beechcraft Baron Aircraft Tumbler Glass

Beechcraft Baron Aircraft Tumbler Glass

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This tumbler is engraved with our Beechcraft Baron Aircraft Artwork, making it a standout piece in our themed artwork range. With a heavy base weighing 320g, this tumbler offers stability and durability. Its plain sided design makes it perfect for everyday use, whether you're enjoying water, juices, whisky, brandies, soft drinks, or more. Each tumbler is engraved to order, allowing for additional personalization options. Packaged in a card gift box, it's ready to be gifted to your loved ones or added to your own collection.

Classic Straight Sided (GLS01) 

  • Glass Measures – 93 x 80 mm
  • Glass Weight - 320g
  • Glass Capacity – 300ml
  • Simple Straight sided Design
  • Heavy Base ensuring stability.
  • Perfect for Juices, Water, Whisky and Brandies, soft drink and more
  • Ideal gift idea for wide range of special occasions.

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