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Lockheed U2 Spy Plane Fuel Lighter

Lockheed U2 Spy Plane Fuel Lighter


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Introducing our Lockheed U2 Spy Plane windproof Cigarette Lighters, a perfect addition to our Themed artwork range. Designed for smokers and outdoors enthusiasts, these lighters make excellent gifts. Crafted with a weatherproof design, these lighters are both reliable and refillable, ensuring long-lasting use.

Made with premium quality materials, these lighters are heavier and more durable compared to the steel counterparts commonly found online.

With their unique Lockheed U2 Spy Plane design, these lighters offer a touch of style and sophistication.

Whether you're lighting up in windy conditions or exploring the great outdoors, our windproof Cigarette Lighters are the ideal choice for a reliable and stylish smoking accessory.

  •  Item – Premium Cigarette Lighter
  • Item Code - LT01
  • Colours –Silver (Chrome), Black, Brass, Red, Blue
  • Lighter Type - Fuel
  • Material – Chrome / Coated Brass
  • Lighter Measures - 70 x 38 x 12mm
  • Lighter Weight - 52g
  • Engraving Available -Back & Front
  • Engraving Colour – Silver, Gold/Orange
  • Engraving Method –Diamond Cut
  • Features –
    • Flip top with satisfying ‘click’
    • Premium Quality, Heavier than cheaper steel counterparts
    • Insert and wick can be replaced,
    • Easily Refillable
    • Great gift for outdoorsman or Smoker,

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